Dispute Resolution

Brashear Construction Consulting's construction dispute resolution strategies are derived from 100+ years combined experience. Our staff is accomplished in all areas of dispute resolution in the commercial construction industry including ADR mediation and arbitration. We also provide deposition and testimony as expert witnesses. Our team is comprised of several ABA members and a Registered Neutral for the American Arbitration Association and we understand the importance of case law and precedents, logical defenses and affirmative claims, evidentiary proof, contemporaneous records, establishing fact patterns and collaborative negotiation tact.

Our dispute resolution services include:

  • Expert reports and analysis, including damage and schedule delay analysis
  • Exhaustive project document research, personnel interviews, site inspections, development of "fact pattern" narratives, and damages assessments
  • Development of outcome scenarios and potential settlement proposals
  • Presentation support for meetings and mediations

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Our document control department is also equipped to provide cost effective scanning for document exchange and exhibit preparation purposes.

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