Construction Claims


Brashear Construction Consulting's experience with surety bonds for construction contracts is supported by decades of construction claims experience and a team of professionals dedicated to positive outcomes for our clients. Our team has extensive experience with the negotiation and evaluation of liabilities on payment and performance bond claims, as well as in handling strategies and resolutions associated with these claims. BCC plays an integral role in the investigation of the status of a project, scope of work, amounts owing and pending, change orders, work in progress and conforming versus non-conforming work specifications, as it relates to the bond Principals and Surety, and/or on behalf of the Obligee(s).

Our surety services include:

  • Interviewing key personnel and project team, gathering photographic evidence and relevant documents
  • Establishing scope of work and the status of the work complete
  • Establish amounts paid and owing
  • Liability Assessment for what may have led to the default, damage assessments
  • On-site monitoring of completion work for any stakeholder
  • Oversight of surety's designated completion contractor(s)
  • Forensic Delay Analysis
  • Providing executive summaries of analysis, oversight observations, etc.
  • Assist in any associated dispute resolution proceeding

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