Construction Claims


Subcontractor Default Insurance provides peace of mind to companies by indemnifying the contractor for unacceptable performance failures and contractual breach by a subcontractor both directly and indirectly. BCC is one of the most experienced subcontractor default insurance claims experts in the world with experience in handling over 1800 SDI claims and with superior knowledge of all current SDI Insurance policy forms and endorsements.

Our analysts provide customized and cost-effective approaches to assessing damages. We evaluate direct and indirect costs associated with the completion of the work and with the remediation attributed to the defaulted subcontractor and provide our clients with the information necessary to bring about an amicable resolution between the Carrier and the Insured.

Our subcontractor default insurance services include:

  • Meetings and interviews with project team and key personnel
  • Correspondence review and takeoff applicable to the claim
  • Document and narrative preparation necessary for insurer's required proof of loss
  • Identification of detectable merits and deficiencies, and corrective recommendations
  • Forensic Delay Analysis
  • Evaluation of cost for work in place and cost of rework
  • Extraction of pertinent data for review and analysis
  • Valuation of impact costs, including loss of productivity, acceleration, liquidated damages, inefficiencies, home office overhead, etc.

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