Construction Claims


BCC's team of experienced analysts have worked as architects, engineers and owners rep/agents, so we understand the importance of risk mitigation in all stages of the construction project. In addition we use advanced fact and issue management software to further analyze facts of loss and can create clear and concise summaries of findings.

Communication is key when working through a Professional Liability claim and we maintain constant contact to keep our clients informed as the claim develops. Our team is comprised of multiple professional engineers and we understand the challenges associated with the design and engineering of projects of all sizes. Additionally, our construction management experience, particularly in a Design Build capacity, is the framework for our understanding of professional liability claims for any/all parties.

Our professional liability services include:

  • Review of contracts, correspondence, project schedules, specifications, expert reports, claims, counter claims
  • Reviewing invoices, estimates, bids, etc., and assessing alleged damages associated and which can be apportioned or allocated to contractual liabilities, or culpability, as well as costs potentially covered by the "Rectification" coverage within a P/L policy
  • Preparing executive summaries of our findings, presentations, and other support for the claim
  • Forensic Delay Analysis

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