Lindsay Macioce, EIT, PSP Promoted to Account Manager

BCC is pleased to announce the promotion of Lindsay Macioce, to the position of Account Manager, Forensic Delay Analysis, and Scheduling. Lindsay joined our company in 2013 as a Principal Construction Consultant, and has worked with the BCC team to broaden the services offered to BCC’s clients, particularly as it relates to Forensic Delay Analysis. Lindsay continues to reinforce her knowledge base by maintaining her Planning and Scheduling Professional credentials from AACEi, and is actively engaged in the most contemporaneous issues facing construction projects from a delay and disruption perspective. She has an eye for detail, but can also take very complex matters and summarize them in a clear, concise manner.

Lindsay specializes in quantifying and assessing damages associated with delays, disruption, and acceleration. Prior to joining BCC, Lindsay worked in civil engineering, project controls and Building Information Modeling (BIM). With BCC, Lindsay regularly performs forensic delay analysis using Critical Path Methodology, including Contemporaneous Period Analysis (Windows), Impacted As-Planned, Observational / Dynamic / Modified or Recreated, Retrospective TIA, and As-Planned vs. As-Built.

In this new position Lindsay will be responsible for overseeing projects, claims and accounts involving Forensic Delay Analysis, and Scheduling matters. Along with these responsibilities, she will also continue to provide claims analysis and pragmatic solutions on claims of all types for current and future clients of BCC.

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