Sports & Entertainment

BCC has worked on an array of unique construction projects for sports and entertainment purposes. We understand the sensitivity of schedule adherence on such projects and we are readily available to assist the client in these endeavors. With our combined talents, our team can efficiently perform under uncommon circumstances, investigate to uncover the facts, and deliver unique and customized resolutions.

Arenas and Stadiums

Our team has performed underwriting due diligence on professional and collegiate sports arenas and stadiums. We also have performed analysis of and prepared risk mitigation strategies for the addition of a roof structure over an existing open stadium in Canada.

Additionally, BCC's arena and stadium construction consultants have completed defect, default, and professional liability claims analysis. These projects involved window issues, concrete failures and delamination, railing pocket failures, precast wall construction, mechanical systems, foundation and piling issues, as well as architect and engineer "standard of care" shortfalls.


BCC has extensive background in the compilation of claim documentation and the analysis of delays on convention centers across the U.S. We understand the fast track nature of these projects and are ready to help our clients assess the project risks and determine actions to bring about an effective solution.

For a convention center in Arizona, our team of consultants completed a detailed analysis of expert reports, depositions, and project documentation, and we performed a schedule and project record forensic delay analysis. This investigation resulted in the discovery of valid claim errors and potential defenses which enabled our client to settle the claim with $15M in claim savings.


BCC has evaluated professional liability and SDI claims associated with hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and resorts. In addition, BCC has a team of hospitality claim consultants with extensive experience in providing underwriting support for resorts and hotel construction projects.

During an assignment on a potential latent defect case for a $93M casino hotel in New York, BCC was able to highlight for counsel several factual issues impacting the contract and policy interpretations, whereby a claim of over $3M was ultimately withdrawn and the additional cost of an otherwise protracted dispute resolution process was avoided.