BCC has first-hand knowledge of industrial construction with a diverse background in both on-site and design engineering experience. Our team provides claims analysis in the areas of wastewater treatment, mines and manufacturing plants. At any stage of the project, BCC's industrial building claims consultants work with clients to bring about a resolution and avoid further damages.


Through our wastewater construction consulting experience, our team is accredited with working on default and defect claims on wastewater and wastewater treatment, sewage and sewage pump station, and aqueduct water projects. Our team has also developed risk mitigation strategies for potential professional liability E&O claims on a wastewater treatment facility.

On a sewage system in Canada, BCC provided its client and its client's customer recommendations for claims avoidance as it relates to subcontractor back charges and unpaid lower tier claimants, which enabled the parties to avoid approximately $500K in additional damage claims.


BCC's mine and manufacturing construction consultants have worked on professional liability claims and provided mediation assistance related to mines, conveying systems, battery reclamation plants, and various heavy metal and light manufacturing and fabrication facilities.

On a prior coal mine claim, BCC's team of mine construction consultants provided claims analysis and identified $3.9M to $6M in possible betterment costs within damage claims that could be used by the client as potential claim defenses.