Energy and Power

The ever-expanding energy sector requires a broad range of knowledge and experience to fully understand the project's needs. BCC's team is well versed in this area and can perform due diligence assessments for clients of any type. Our construction consultants have worked in many areas of the energy industry including coal-fired, combined cycle, selective catalytic reduction systems, solar, and nuclear. Our team of claim consultants advises our clients on best practices and strives to ensure the success of all projects.


Brashear Construction Consulting has performed underwriting due diligence for performance and schedule related liquidated damages on several coal-fired power plants and for contractor and subcontractor default insurance coverage on other coal-fired power plants. Our clients have benefited from our coal-fired power plant construction consulting knowledge and experience with risk assessment and claims analysis.

On a coal-fired power plant in Iowa, BCC's claim consultants provided extensive study of the project records and produced multiple recommendations for defenses. These strategic recommendations and effective analysis ultimately led to the withdrawal of the claim by the opposing party. Overall, the client avoided a $20M claim and saved countless hours and resources by avoiding the claim.


Our combined cycle consulting experience includes underwriting due diligence on several power plants throughout the U.S., and particularly in Oregon, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, and Arkansas. In addition, our team has experience related to electrical construction estimating and construction management of the electrical trade on combined cycle power plants.

BCC's combined cycle claim consultants have worked on professional liability claims arising from alleged engineer error and omissions on power plants, and we have presented arguments on quantum meruit and entitlement claim adjustments nearing 20% of the claim. Our team's detection of inaccurate damage calculations associated with project delay and rework was influential in final resolutions.


BCC's SCRS construction consulting team has worked as construction engineers for the installation of Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCRS) and on professional liability claims related to SCRS and SCR processes.

For an assignment in Ohio, BCC's catalytic reduction claim consultants evaluated and affirmed extensive damage assessments through a comprehensive study of the particular processes and the cost associated with repairs arising from product design failures of the plant's SCR systems. The assessment identified damages in excess of $20M for the client.


BCC's team of nuclear power construction consultants have significant construction planning, estimating, and scheduling experience in the nuclear new build industry both domestically and abroad. Our claims consultants are well suited to provide claims service, analysis/development of solutions associated with nuclear plant design and construction, and the disputes that may arise from such projects.


BCC's solar construction consultants have extensive experience in the analysis of claims related to the conversion of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics (PV) on commercially concentrated solar power plants. Our work has included reconciliation of direct and indirect costs, forensic delay analysis, and evaluation of the applicability of damages claimed.