Buildings — we know them — inside and out. From garden style residential projects to high-rises, from high schools to universities, from retail brick and mortar to mixed use mega centers, and from research labs to hospital centers, BCC has done it. Our knowledge of specification requirements extends from private to public projects and we work with our clients to bring about resolutions so that the building can be utilized as intended. Our team of claim consultants ad-vises our clients on best practices and strives to ensure the success of all projects.


BCC's commercial building consultants have performed due diligence analysis for the construction underwriting of commercial buildings and have served as part of the construction management team. In addition, BCC's claims analysts have evaluated commercial construction disputes related to professional liability, latent defect and subcontractor default involving hi-rise and lo-rise commercial buildings.

This work has also included the underwriting due diligence for the "deconstruct" of buildings affected by the "9-11" incidents in New York City. For another commercial hi-rise project in New York, BCC was an advocate for an insurance carrier, which included claims consulting, claim analysis for cost/damage assessments, and scope of work audits. BCC also served as the lead negotiator on this project resulting in a $7M claims savings for the client.


BCC is well versed in healthcare and educational construction consulting in the areas of hospitals, clean room technologies, elementary and high schools, college facilities, and historical church renovations. Our team's success of claims related to earthwork, site prep, steel erection, masonry, equipment installations, interior finishes, HVAC, and MEP issues has garnered impressive results for our clients. Outside of the United States, BCC has also performed the due diligence for underwriting of subcontractor default insurance for various public — private partnership hospital projects in multiple Canadian provinces.

In a recent case, BCC was hired to lead an investigation into a stalled, 7-year-old dispute and determine strategies and appropriate entitlement on a $130M hospital project in Florida with the intent of providing recommendations for a final resolution and claim settlement. BCC's investigation efforts took less than two months and involved an expedited comprehension of the scope and claims issues, an accounting validation of the alleged damages and an analysis of the potential liabilities of all parties. It resulted in an amicable settlement with a $3.8M savings for our client as well as rave reviews from our client regarding our performance and ability to comprehend the issues and provide suitable solutions for each party.


BCC's employees' green building experience includes managing the GC's LEED credits for the erection of a 900,000 SF, $184M Clinical Services Building in Pennsylvania which achieved its LEED Silver certification, managing the LEED documentation associated with a $60M Class A office building in Maryland and a $1B design-build government facility in Virginia that achieved LEED Gold certifications, as well as developing LEED plans for prospective projects.

BCC has been involved in the due diligence for the construction underwriting of the subcontractor default risk for hospitals with contractual LEED certification requirements. From this, BCC is well suited to provide claims service, analysis and the development of solutions associated with green building design and construction and the disputes that may arise from such projects.


BCC's team of analysts has extensive claims experience with public project consulting involving courthouses, military bases, public schools, research and technical facilities, and government offices. We have handled all matters of public construction dispute resolution resulting in successful claims savings for our clients.

On a New York City Courthouse project, our team successfully negotiated on behalf of the client regarding multiple matters including forensic delay analysis, "Eichleay Damages", liquidated damages, and scope of work issues resulting in a $3.1M claims savings.


Our residential building consulting experience with hi-rise condominiums, mixed use projects, apartment conversions, and housing plans has allowed our team of analysts to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. We advocate on behalf of our clients in all aspects of residential construction dispute negotiations from risk assessment to claims resolutions.

In a prior engagement, Brashear Construction Consulting's team of residential construction consultants served as lead negotiators for a multi-building condominium development in Texas. Through strategic negotiation and a thorough understanding of the circumstances of the default, BCC successfully helped save the client $2.5M.


BCC has consulted on multiple retail building claims for our clients including defects on a mall renovation and professional liability on a strip mall. Our retail construction consulting experience also includes monitoring and providing risk mitigation advocacy for a developer and an insurance carrier. Additionally, BCC has also provided due diligence for the underwriting of and analysis of default claims on various mixed use facilities.

On a mixed use complex in Nevada with primarily retail components, BCC successfully analyzed a $17.8M claim arising out of alleged architect errors and omissions and assisted the client in mediation. The result of this mediation included a settlement of approximately 50% of the original claimed amount.