BCC President and Founder, Tim Brashear, Featured in Spring 2018 Publication of the ESWP

PITTSBURGH, PA - Earlier this Spring, Tim Brashear, the Founder, and President of BCC, was featured in the Engineer Society of Western Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh ENGINEER Publication.

The Spring issue highlighted entrepreneurship in engineering in the Greater Pittsburgh area. In the article successes, failures, and lessons learned in starting, and growing our firm were shared.

At our company’s inception, BCC had one employee, but we have grown steadily over the years. With that growth, we found it necessary to develop policies, and procedures to manage the quality, and consistency of our work. We also had to learn to balance outgoing work while managing daily overhead tasks that are typically delegated to Human Resources, Accounting, IT, etc. For our small business this was a large hurdle to overcome. However, we are continually looking at ways to improve and streamline these processes, to operate with a lean mindset. Our greatest success has been our ability to structure our firm to function in a teleworking capacity, allowing employees to maintain a life-work balance, and still accomplish tasks/workload.

With consultants a dime a dozen in the construction industry, Tim’s advice for anyone contemplating starting a similar business is to set yourself apart by offering the highest level of customer service, competitive pricing, superior knowledge, and professionalism. BCC is a success because Tim has surrounded himself with a team of hard working well qualified professionals. Therefore, he believes that building a strong team is critical for the success of any entrepreneurial endeavor.

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