Brashear Construction Consulting

At our founding in 2007, Tim Brashear sought to create a company that would provide superior customer service that was efficient and effective for clients across the country. This remains true today. Our underlying core values of integrity and diligence arise from our founding mission and are the platform for our firm's growth and sustainability over the last two decades.

Determined to build a cost effective business capable of developing successful solutions, cultivated through diligent investigation and meticulous attention to detail, Timothy R. Brashear, PE, founded Brashear Construction Consulting in 2007. Bringing together a team of 100+ years combined dispute resolution, risk mitigation, consulting, contracting, engineering, and project management experience, supported by Tim's personal commitment to client satisfaction, has enabled our firm to deliver unmatched results.

Our firm provides customized construction consulting solutions to a wide variety of both private and public organizations. BCC specializes in construction claims, forensic delay analysis, project due diligence, risk management, and dispute resolution.

Consulting Services

Rooted in the belief that there are appropriate solutions to every challenge, our experienced team of construction consultants delivers unparalleled results in all phases of construction project and process.

Our clients have engaged us in the following consulting services:

  • Claims Analysis/Damage Assessments
  • Claims Preparation/Assistance Services
  • Forensic Delay Analysis
  • Scope of Work Analysis
  • Cost and Liability Analysis and Allocation
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Option Identification/Risk-Benefit Analysis
  • Construction Defect Analysis
  • Solution Implementation for Construction Management
  • Risk Mitigation and Avoidance
  • Construction Claims Solutions

Customized Services

Atypical circumstances are many times the catalyst for our engagements. Our ability to grasp the relevant details, combined with our experience and relentless pursuit of success, is the backbone of our business. When unique opportunities and challenges arise, clients look to BCC to provide tactful solutions.

We can offer the following customized services to our clients:

  • Claims and Construction Management Training
  • Project/Contract Risk Assessments
  • Best Practice Reviews/Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Owner/Surety Project Oversight
  • CPM Scheduling